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Recovery of credits and debt collection

In the area of Recovery of Credit and Debt Collection, we operate individually, following the profile of each client. We follow and perform all the billing cycle, from extrajudicial phase with phone contacts and extrajudicial notices for defaults on individuals and companies contracts to possible judicial ticket for forced execution.

We always seek the rapid conflict resolution so that there is actually the receipt of securities in arrears, so that our customers do not feel impact on their cash flow. In the event of filing the lawsuit seeking hypothesis of receipt of the claim, the Office has professionals and team of lawyers accustomed to such service, giving greater speed to the procedure.

Each collection project is developed according to the size and needs of the company and the default portfolio, establishing a link of direct and constant communication with the client, always seeking to improve the service.

We have advanced control systems of portfolios, with predictive dialers that optimize the time of collection, custom reports, recording conversations, data sanitization and automatic update rates.

From the credit receipt to be recovered by the client, the Office promptly performs the following procedures:

From the credit receipt, our clients receive a monthly report with the recovered credits being passed on the discounts to be combined. Services are billed according to the success in the extrajudicial and judicial collection service.

This service offered by our law firm is an effective increase of receipt of debts of our clients, credit recovery seen as lost and reduced spending on staff, telephony, among others inherent to collection.