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Intellectual Property: Trademarks and patents

Promote legal registration of all property produced by human intellectual activity, such as industrial and commercial trademarks and service, invention patents, industrial designs, software and literary and artistic works in general.

We have highly qualified and permanently updated professionals, able to offer complete solutions for the registration and protection of trademarks, patents and copyrights, as well as advice for opening and registration of companies.

We carry out the registration of trademarks and patents in Brazil and around the world due to partners based in the United States, European Union, China, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Argentina, among others.

The Office does not just offer bureaucratic facilities to the client. We aim to provide a legal service excellence and fully customized according to the specific needs of each client.

We believe that the registration of the brand is indispensable for large companies, as well as for the small entrepreneur and, therefore, we formulate intelligent and special solutions to meet market demands.

In addition to the registration and protection services, we offer complete assistance to drafting and negotiating of Agreements of Assignment of Copyright License, Assignment agreements or license of brands and patents, Franchise agreements (franchising), confidentiality agreements and technology transfer agreements in general.


Brand is all distinctive mark (word, figure or symbol) perceived visually, that identifies and distinguishes products or services. The only way to ensure the ownership of a given name is register it as a trademark with the INPI. Under Brazilian law, the priority of use of a mark shall be who first make the application for registration. Register the brand is critical to ensure their possession. Although not required, the brand registration is a crucial step in a good business strategy. Protect the name of your product or service in the market is crucial to preserve the good reputation of your company. The entrepreneur shall be ensuring that only he uses that name in the market, building its own identity and loyalty to the consumer public. Validity of the register: 10 years and may be extended indefinitely for successive periods of 10 years.

We perform the following services related to the registration and protection of your brand:


A patent is a public concession granted by the State, which guarantees to the creator of an invention the exclusivity to commercially exploit its creation for a certain time provided by law. The exclusive rights conferred by a patent guarantee to the inventor the possibility of preventing third parties from making, using, selling, offering or importing the invention without its permission. This means that any person, firm or entity that wants to use an invention protected by patent shall sign an agreement with the holder of the invention. To be object of patent, an invention shall meet the requirements of novelty, inventive activity and industrial application. The patent may be a totally new invention (Invention Patent) or a new feature to an existing mechanism (Utility Model) .Validity of Patent: 20 years for Invention Patent and 15 years for utility model.

We perform the following services related to the registration and protection of your invention:


The Law guarantees to the developer of computer programs the possibility of registration with the INPI to ensure recognition of authorship and prevent others from copying the idea developed in software.

To register software, it is necessary to deposit at INPI the lines of code that describe the schedule and prove the program's originality.

Registry validity: 50 years.