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Business law with a focus on results.
The right choice for corporate management!

Founded in the capital of Rio de Janeiro, the Law Firm Carvalho, Fairbairn & Guidi Advogados provides legal services with quality, transparency, dynamism and efficiency for those looking for excellence in service to a business and corporate audiences.

The multidisciplinary firm has specialists in various strategic areas for modern enterprises, able to work on a relationship of trust and partnership with its customers, seeking fast, efficient and customized solutions for each type of business.

Our team of lawyers actively participates in the business of our customers, understanding the details of each activity, acting together with legal departments, financial, management and human resources.

The clients attended by our firm operate in various sectors of the economy, such as the provision of services (utility bills), civil construction, educational institutions, companies in the pharmaceutical area, oil area, gas and energy, manufacturers of mechanical and electronic equipment, food companies, port activities, government agencies, e-commerce, communication and entertainment.

The quality of services is closely monitored by partners and managers, with periodic questionnaires of customer satisfaction, productivity reports and scope of internal and external goals.

One of the main tasks of the office is to create legal solutions with talent, dedication, dialogue and compromise. The combination of good technique, management, service quality and guarantee of performance of expectations is a differential point in the option of Carvalho, Fairbairn & Guidi as the official provider of legal services in the corporate environment.

The transparency in the provision of services is an extremely important point and where requested by the client or periodically, the office undertakes to send full report of all administrative and/or judicial procedures under its sponsorship, with the information desired by the client.

In time, Carvalho, Fairbairn & Guidi is a full service office awarded internationally and was awarded with the prize in 2013 and 2014 by the prestigious magazine Acquisition International Magazine, based in the United Kingdom.

In addition to addresses in Brazil, the office has relationship with Law Firms of many countries like USA, Germany, Holland, China, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Bahamas, Taiwan, Australia, Bermuda, Russia, Africa, South America and Middle East.